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"Traveling the country to find the perfect ride."
Jacobs Atv Adventures is now on Facebook. We appreciate all the support throughout the years, and continue to share our adventures with everyone. Be sure to follow our Atv Adventures on Facebook, since I will now be sending real time updates from my Apple I-phone. So, come on over to Facebook sign up as a fan, and chat with us.

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I just updated two rides. One was at Muenster up along the Red River, and the other was combined fishing and atv trip in Arkansas.
The full After Action Ride Report is finished on
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Last four riding updates
Mill Creek

Broken Bow
Hidden Falls
National Forest,
Warren Pennsylvania
Cuba, New York
Majestic Trails,
Bradford Pennsylvania
T's Back Forty, Marilla New York
Holland Road, Angola New York
Area Closed as of August 1, 2008
Three Rivers Managment Area, Broken Bow Oklahoma
Barnwell Recreation Area, Gilmer Texas
Lake Greeson, Kirby Arkansas Gator Run, Easton Texas
Wolf Pen Gap, Mena Arkansas
Red River ATV Park, Bonham Texas Mud Bug Park, Easton Texas Shiloh Ridge, Alto Texas Pool Ranch, Athens Texas
Rabbit Creek, Kilgore Texas
Area Closed as of  May, 2009
Rural Shade Atv Ranch, Coriscana Texas
Red River Motocycle Park, Muenster Texas Mud Creek ATV Park, Jacksonville Texas River Run ATV Park, Jacksonville Texas
Private Deer Camp, Shady Louisiana
Nogales, Arizona
Cross Bar Ranch, Davis Oklahoma Lake Murray State Park,
Ardmore Oklahoma
Sulphur River Trails, Cunningham Texas
Josh's Property, Texas
Un-Disclosed Area Three, Texas Un-Disclosed Area
Four, OK/AR
Un-Disclosed Area
Two, Arkansas
Area Five
Private Cabin
Un-Disclosed Area
Moccasin Gap,
Dover, Arkansas
Mt. Magazine,
Paris, Arkansas
Mill Creek,
Combs, Arkansas
Rocky Ridge Ranch,
Decatur, Texas
Pine Mountain Trails
Rattan, OK
Coyote Pass
Campti, Texas
Canadian River,
Ada Oklahoma
Goldonna Trail System
Goldonna, LA
Huntsville, TN
Coal Creek
Oliver Springs, TN
Fourche Mountain
Mena, AR
Hawkins Ranch
Hatfield, AR
Sandstone OHV
Kisatchie, LA
Hatfield & McCoy
Logan, WV
Trophy Club
Trophy Club, Tx
Bridgeport, Tx
Great Western Trail
Circleville, UT
Sugar Creek
Ouachita Nat Forest, AR
Poteau/Walker Mountain
Ouachita Nat Forest, AR
Lower Place Motorsports
Martins Mills, Tx
Metal Masher
Moab, UT
7 Mile Rim
Moab, UT
Pritchett Canyon
Moab, UT
Mill Canyon
Moab, UT
Kane Creek
Moab, UT
Gemini Arches
Moab, UT
Hey Joe Canyon
Moab, UT
Tusher Tunnel
Moab, UT
Near Joshua Tree
Twenty Nine Palms, CA
Logandale OHV
Logandale, NV
Parker 250 Area
Parker, AZ
Standard Wash
Lake Havasu, AZ
Park closed as of Feb 8, 2012
Tree Off Road
Alto, Tx
Thrills and Chills on Wheels
Hennepin, OK
Lee Creek
Devil's Den, AR
Brushy Creek , Lavon, Texas
Mines and Meadows
Wampum, PA
Blue Knob Rally
Blue Knob, PA
Hidden Falls Atv Ranch
Marable Falls, Tx
Knott County Training Center
Pine Top, KY
Black Mountain Riding Area
Harlan, KY
Wilderness Trail Off Road Park
Pineville, KY
Camp Livingston
Alexandria, LA
Camp Claireborne
Alexandria, LA
Batesville, AR
Brock Creek Trail,
Jerusalem, Arkansas
I have decided to start up a page to support our troops. While most of us are out riding our ATVs our troops are not so fortunate.  I have been following alot of military blogs, and I have realized many of our troops really need our support. Its important that we all remember the troops who have died, the ones who are physically and mentally wounded, and just as important the ones who are still fighting. Whether you agree or disagree with the war I have posted several links that provide a little insight to both sides that shows how our brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers are affected by this war and what their perspectives are.

Click on the above figure to learn more.
In the spirit of honoring our troops and law enforcement officers I have added a link to fallen Border Patrol Agents. My brother's good friend was killed in the line of duty, and in doing some research I didn't realize how many agents have been killed in the line of duty that are protecting our country everyday.

Click on the above BPA badge to view more fallen defenders of our homeland.
This magazine is an extension of this adventure site. Its no secret what happens on those rides is further broken down on our new magazine, plus much, much, more. All of the park reviews have been transferred to the Magazine in which those are being re-worked into more informative reviews. So be sure to check out Jacobs Atv Magazine.
Guys, this is a no brainer, and I HIGHLY encourage you guys to join/support this organization. You know how we always say, man if we could just get together as an ATV community to make a difference in opening new riding areas, or keeping existing trails open? Well, this organization stepped up to the plate, and did it. If you love riding in Arkansas like we do, and it is the premier trail riding place you better join this organization. If you haven't heard yet starting September 1, 2008, 90% of Wolf Pen Gap will be shut down. The only riding area will be the Main Wolf Pen Gap trail system 31 mile loop, that is it. Forget about riding outside of it, its all gone. That is a fact. AOCA is working hard to get these areas outside of WPG to reopen. You better join and support them, because they are the best chance we have to get these areas re-open. What happen in WPG could potentially spread across Arkansas to other riding areas. So, don't stick your head in the sand, get active, join and suport AOCA. I have personally joined, and Jacobs Atv Magazine is going to lend big time support to these guys. I am telling you this is our best chance for successs join now. Here is the link to their site, its only $10 per individual, and $25 for a business or club. Don't be a dead beat and let someone else fight this battle, be apart of it. Remember membership numbers talk, not complaining to one another on the trail or in Atv Forums.

AOCA Website Link
Jacobs Atv Magazine Support Write Up Link
I am now offering a wide range of Professional Atv Photography Services.
Go to this link for more information
Order HD Helmet HERO at GoPro.com
If you are looking for the ulimate HD Video Camera here it is from GoPro. This video camera is dust proof, water proof, shock proof, and impact resistence. This is the official HD Video Camera of Jacobs Atv Magazine and Jacobs Atv Adventures.

Be sure to check out the full in-depth review on Jacobs Atv Magazine free of charge!
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